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Derren Brown Watch: The Hour Is Later Than You Think, America

Derren Brown self-portrait

Oh, you fools. You terrible fools. We warned you about Derren Brown. We tried to sound the alarm. But instead of heeding us, you left the door wide open and now one of my original safety tips has been made null and void. The Sci-Fi Channel has invited Derren into our country like some sort of well dressed vampire and now we’ll never be rid of him because we’ll never know where he is at any given moment. So the whole thing about staying out of the UK? Forget it. It’s toast.

But here’s a new tip, based on his most recent series in the UK, Trick or Treat:

If Derren Brown hands you a contract to sign…what, are you fucking mental? Don’t sign! Do! Not! Sign!

The part of the video (after the break) that got trimmed is the bit where he asks (asks? BAH!) the guy to sign a contract that says it “lets us do what we like with you” and the guy signs it in the dark where he couldn’t possibly have read it. But regardless, what’s important is to see the result of this fatal error:

Alas, the embeddable version of this video is gone. Go here to watch it.

For more information on Derren, please study this interview on Quick Stop Entertainment–note that he is made aware of the 7 Safety Tips. Yes, that means he knows we’re here (as though he didn’t already). So if I suddenly disappear, friends, you’ll know why.

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