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GMP’s Die-cast Fender Stratocaster Contest

GMP diecast Fender Stratocaster

Always fancied a Fender Stratocaster but either couldn’t afford one or don’t know how to play the guitar? Or are you a guitar freak and you just can’t get enough of them? Never fear. Win this contest, and either way, all your worries will be over. Well, at least a couple of them, anyway.

GMP, known for its high-quality die-cast replicas, has come out with a group of fabulous Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Bass guitars. Which one are we giving away? The black Stratocaster, of course.

Although you can hold it in one hand (see above), the details on this little beauty are amazing. It’s a 1:3 scale replica. The neck on the guitar is real wood, the body is the bit that’s die-cast. The pickup selector switch is movable, the steel strings are accurately scaled and the tremolo arm can be moved.

In other words, it’s pretty darn spiffy. You can see the whole array of them here. And here’s them on MySpace as well. And ah, here’s the black one:

GMP diecast Fender Stratocaster

And yes, it also comes with a display stand, wall mount, and full-color collector’s box. And did we mention they were limited edition?

Sound good? Good. Proceed and enter.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

But don’t despair! For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.