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Ralph Bakshi Speaks (And Has a Gallery of Coolness)

Gandalf on a Lord of the Rings storyboard

Ralph Bakshi speaks up at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, addressing CGI animators specifically:

Computer animation will eventually grow old, just like hand-drawn animation, unless something new happens. It will fall into manneristic boredom if it continues to endlessly redo what’s already been done before.

I think that’s Bakshi talking. The whole article I think is written by Bakshi, but if so, he refers to himself in the third person like Bob Dole.

Anyway, the whole thing is worth reading, but the one other thing I nabbed is that there’s a nifty art gallery on his website, full of stuff from the 1978 Lord of the Rings, among other movies. Yes, that’s right, kids. Back in the day we didn’t have CG and rotoscoping was the ticket to making Middle-Earth come alive.

And as long as we all pretend the Rankin-Bass animated Middle-Earth musicals never happened, then I’m fine.