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Gaiman’s Video Audiobook of The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman on his Graveyard Book tour

We’ve talked before about how Neil Gaiman is a great reader. It’s not just his cool accent, it’s the way he gives his characters distinct voices (“he do the book in different voices”) and knows just where to put the emphasis and the darkness…it’s all good. I’ve also recommended, wherever possible, catching him doing a live reading–because those are fantastic.

As Neil pointed out on Twitter (and I somehow missed this announcement), he read a chapter at each of some stops on his Graveyard Book tour in October, and the result is you can watch him read the entire freaking book on his Harper Collins website. Nice, huh?

Once you get done with that you’ll want to snag either the Graveyard Book audiobook or some of his other audiobooks. Excellent, all.


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