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G.I. Joe PSA: How to Fry an Elephant

Well, after reviewing the article about the kid trying to cool off his Xbox 360 by dunking it in water…while plugged inJes suggested that we could all use a good dose of Real American Hero Common Sense. Never let it be said we didn’t listen to our readers whenever it was convenient and we could make an obligatory post out of it.

Parents–make sure your kids watch this. My generation did, and none of us would have been…well, caught dead…trying to do something so freaking stupid.

Update: Sadly, both of the PSAs we had up here–the ones covering electricity and swimming–have both been taken down and I can’t find them online anywhere. Mostly because all the PSAs have been redubbed and posted as parodies of themselves–and most of them are barely funny. So…sad. If anybody finds these again, please let me know.

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