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Stephen Fry Blogs Harder Than You

Stephen Fry

I know this is making the rounds quite a bit, that Stephen Fry is now blogging. True, but that really doesn’t do it justice. Fry is writing ginormous treatises. His first post involved a (not so) brief history of the smartphone, which was absolutely fascinating. It’s exactly what you would want from Stephen Fry giving tough love to an entire subsection of technology, like in this bit below:

…in one of the most astonishing public suicide attempts in the history of this industry, Palm have produced a item that EVEN I DO NOT WANT, the Foleo. If it’s got a chip in it, and a keyboard, and WiFi and a screen and I haven’t sent off for one, then by God you’d better believe it’s in trouble.

And if you have seen his Secret Life of the Manic-Depressive, then you know he speaks truth–if he doesn’t want your product, you are SOL. You can find that first post here. I’ll read just about anything that man writes down.

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