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32 Days of Halloween, Day 32: Some Small Bits in Closing

Lon Chaney Jr. as Frankenstein live on television

For our final day of 32 Days of Halloween, here’s a few odds and ends as we start to sweep up.

First up, we’ve got a bit with Boris Karloff from the 60s, where he’s guest host for…well, I have no idea. But I’m with Boris…all those people, the host, the bands backstage no doubt, the audience. That’s some scary shit, man.

Update: Alas, this vid is no more. And I don’t have enough information here to figure out exactly what I posted. Oh, never grow old, children. The mind just goes…

Update Update: Bloody hell…here it is! Just now figured out what we did and then figured out we reposted it!

Sadly, I couldn’t find any interview footage with Lon Chaney, but I will offer up this very odd piece: it’s Chaney, Jr. playing Frankenstein on live television in 1952. I can only assume the bit here is a substitute for tossing the girl in the lake?

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And lastly, a brief interview with Lugosi, who was apparently returning from Europe after some work over there, including the 1952 film Vampire Over London. I would love to have seen Lugosi’s Cyrano.

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