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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 29: Karloff and the Shindig!

Boris Karloff and crystal ball on Shindig Halloween Special 1965

So we’ve posted about this particular thing before. It’s the 1965 Halloween episode of Shindig!, the musical variety show that aired on ABC. The reason this episode is noteworthy is it featured both Boris Karloff and Ted Cassidy. Karloff performed the “Monster Mash” and Cassidy performed his song “The Lurch.” The Cassidy performance we posted previously here. The video of Karloff’s performance is lost–but the audio is still extant and we’ve posted it here.

I thought about posting the bits of this episode that remain previously–YouTube user godzzla has been kind enough to post it in three parts, but I stopped short when I saw that the audio for Part 3 is way off. Hell, I don’t know how to sync audio and video when rendering things half the time, so I can’t fault anybody else. But upon re-examining it, the first two parts are fine. And worthwhile not just for Karloff playing guest host (and being hilariously awesome) but to get a glimpse into television of the time. There are some commercials. There’s screaming kids. There’s frightening hair. For posterity’s sake, it’s worth watching all the way through, in my opinion. Especially you kids. Anyway, if you are pressed for time, Karloff appears about four minutes in for the first time. At least watch him there. Enjoy!

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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