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Pepsi Raw?

Pepsi Raw logo

This is interesting. According to Trademork, Pepsi has filed for a trademark for “Pepsi Raw.” They’re postulating that it’s a drink with pure cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

Surely this can be mean that Coke will follow hard upon with their own? Hey Coke! Remember what I said: Coca-Cola Prime, baby. Free idea for you. Just send me a case. Or even a 2-liter. I’m cheap.

The only remaining question is this: could pure cane sugar fix the problem with Pepsi, namely that it tastes like stale Coke? Doubtful.

Found via Junk Food Blog.

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  • This is a brilliant idea, especially for those who are allergic to corn syrup, but want to enjoy a can of soda somehow.
    Cane sugar may be expensive, yes, but it’s worth the extra money, especially since corn syrup is used in almost every ingredient that requires a sweetener of some kind.
    In 2006, when I was in Ireland, I bought Pepsi. and you would not BELIEVE how happy I was, and what kind of ideas came into my head about American corporations when I took a sip. I thought, “American Pepsi is delicious, but it would be even better if it contained cane sugar.”