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Elvis Costello/Brodsky Quartet: Hanging Off the Family Tree

Elvis Costello and Brodsky Quartet

The Juliet Letters was a kickass collaborative album between The Brodsky Quartet and Elvis Costello. I’m a sucker for strings, no doubt, but I thought the album was awesome, even considering that I think Costello is either hit or miss at times. These two songs are quite good, but I wish I could find video to go along with an MP3 from the 2006 re-issue bonus disc: they cover Tom Waits‘ “More Than Rain” live. They cover the hell out of that song.

Update: The MP3 of “More Than Rain”…no idea what the hell happened to it. The best way to get the album proper with some bonus content is this MP3 offering from Amazon.

If you don’t have Juliet Letters, I highly recommend it.

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