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Threadless: “The Guest” Improves on Michael Bay

Threadless: The Guest

As I said when I commented on the page for this new shirt by Ralph Pykee Lambaco on Threadless (click on the pic to go to the product page and see the whole thing), if this had been the Big Reveal at the end of the awesome Transformers 3 trailer instead of, you know, that it was another Transformers movie…then the world would be a much happier locale.

But regardless of that, it still has a lovely little bit of the dark t-shirt whimsy that I find myself inexorably drawn to.

Alas, the shirt isn’t on sale (although a lot of shirts are), but they are having a shipping sale: $5 for any U.S. shipment, $10 international. Not sure how long this is going on for, so take advantage of it while you can.

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