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Ted “Lurch” Cassidy Sings of Wesley

Ted Cassidy: The Lurch single

As a follow-up to the Dancing Lurch post we did yesterday, we have to give you this: it’s Ted Cassidy, the actor who plays Lurch, completely de-Lurched and Rex Harrisoning his way through a song called “Wesley.”

Is this a cover? I can’t figure out where this is from.

Update: Unfortunately, the video performance of this has been taken down. But we still have a version with audio:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Make sure you go to Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg!!! where they have more musical Addams Family-related bits.

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  • “Wesley” was the B-side to “The Lurch.” Your embed video is broken. You can find the vid at

    It may just be a coincidence. But Ted Cassidy went to college at West Virginia Wesleyan. Wesleyan was named after John Wesley an early Methodist theologian and leader. I don’t know if the philosophy espoused in the song, “Wesley,” has any connection to the teachings of John Wesley.

  • Russ: Thanks for the updated link. I was trying to replace this broken embed the other day and couldn’t find a replacement.