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Neil Gaiman Pre-Orders on Amazon

Neil Gaiman

Looks like a goodly number of new titles by The Neil have hit Amazon. Sure, they’re not coming out till next year, but we like the pre-order discount, and on a lot of these you get an additional 5% off. And if the price drops (again, on most of these–be sure you read the fine print) you get the lowest price. And if memory serves, they only charge you when the thing ships. So, you know, rock.

Here’s the rundown for those of you who, like us, are going to order these anyway. If you do, do it through us, would you? All the kickbacks we get go into improving the site. And honestly, have you been here? We could use a lot of improvement. Much obliged.

The Graveyard Book. If you’ve read or listened to M is for Magic, then you got a sneak preview of this with “The Witch’s Headstone.” The book is available to pre-order by clicking here and the audiobook if you click here. And I don’t have any cover images, but Neil posted some pics of the book he hand wrote it in here. (I really admire that…without a keyboard, I’m hopeless. Usually with a keyboard I’m not much better, but still.) I’m not sure who’s reading the audiobook, but my first guess would be Neil. He does a lot of that, and he’s awfully good at it.

Coraline. The graphic novel version of the book (which we’ve mentioned before), adapted by P. Craig Russell (which we’ve talked about him doing before, but it’s pointless to link to that post since for some reason the artwork was taken down from PCR’s site), shows up here but in a library binding edition. So I’m not sure if that’s the one you’re going to want, frankly. But just to mention it. And as long as we’re talking pre-orders, you can still pre-order your signed limited edition of Coraline in its very sweet Subterranean Press hardcover edition by clicking here. We’ve got the signed M is for Magic that they did with the Gahan Wilson cover, so I can vouch that their books are verra nice. This edition of Coraline comes with a Dave McKean cover that’s delightfully twisted.

The Dangerous Alphabet. Don’t know what this is? No worries. It was a holiday mailing from 2001, apparently. It’s being turned into a picturebook with artwork by Gris Grimly. You can pre-order by clicking here.

And of course, Absolute Sandman, Vol. 3. Yes, I know you just got Vol. 2. But it never hurts to plan ahead.

Image: from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, where they make you smell like the inside of Neil’s mind.