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Win The White Book!

The White Book cover art

You like The Beatles, don’t you? Of course. Because all of our readers have exquisite taste and realize the importance of this band to the history of music in general. Naturally.

Well, if you like The Beatles then check out this book from Ken Mansfield: The White Book. The full title is The White Book: The Beatles, the Bands, the Biz: An Insider’s Look at an Era. Insider, you might ask? Yeah, he was the US manager for Apple Records. He’s also worked with a huge range of folks: eveyrbody from Lou Rawls to Judy Garland to The Beach Boys to Don Ho. So he’s been around a bit.

So when somebody like that says he’s going to go behind the scenes and take you with him, then it’s certainly worth perking up one’s ears over. Also worth noting is that the book is chocked full of pics to go along with the stories, and all the editions come numbered. So, nice, yes? Yes. For more info, check out the official site.

Also nice is that we happen to have five copies here to give away. Yes, now I have your full attention. If you want to win one for your very own, please proceed.

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