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Mega Monopoly?

Monopoly Mega Edition

What? What is this? Rather than just have another themed Monopoly game like NASCAR or Bass Fishing (I’m not making those up–they exist, pal) we now have a Mega version of Monopoly?

You must understand: I am a Monopoly fiend. I know it takes forever. I know that some people get bored and quit just because they’re bored. Maybe it just speaks to a part in the sub-cockle region of my black Machiavellian heart…I know not. But now I learn there’s a Mega version with $1000 bills, 12 new spaces, bus tickets and skyscrapers? WANT. They’ve got it at Amazon here. Click here for the full pic.

Has anyone tried this and if so, what is the verdict?

Found via Green Head.

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