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Underdog is Out This Week

Underdog DVD cover art

You have every right to be frightened. When a live action version of Underdog can be easily mistaken for a superhero entry in the Air Bud franchise, then you have every reason to be afraid. Even the presence of Peter Dinklage as Simon Barsinister and Chazzie-award winner Patrick Warburton as his sidekick. Hell, after his involvement in the Chipmunks movie, Jason Lee has truly squandered all of the artistic good will he generated with Almost Famous, so we can’t necessarily trust him. Anyway, the film is basically designed for kids with single digit ages and for people who are suckers for anything with dogs in it. Because this is the target audience, they’re not likely to be disappointed that there’s not much new under the cape here. So.

You’ve got deleted scenes introduced by the director, a blooper reel, a featurette, a terrifying rap version of the theme song, and one episode of the original series. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

And for those of you who need something to take this film out of your head, I’ve got Butthole Surfers after the break.

And if you listen very carefully, you can hear Drew Barrymore revealing the true origin of the new DC Multiverse. It’s about two minutes in or so.

That’s right…you heard right. And the person wielding that magic wand of poop: Grant Morrison.

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Music video found at Mike’s Progressive Ruin.

Oh, and what the hell, for you purists:

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