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DIY Appleseed Ex Machina Trailer Remixing

Appleseed Ex Machina

Oh dear God, my afternoon productivity was ruined, and I am therefore destroying your productivity, too.

You know you are beside yourself with excitement about the upcoming Appleseed Ex Machina, as produced by John Woo. Well, now you can absolutely revel in wicked, gleeful creativity as you create your own trailer for this sure-to-be-magical film!

Hie thee over to the Appleseed Trailer Remix site and make your own trailer! It’s like DIY anime, two of our favorite things! How could it go wrong? (Don’t answer that, ScottC…) Post your efforts in the Gabfest, if you like! Or link them up in the comments here!

There’s even a contest involved for making a trailer, but really… isn’t making anime people do what you want about the best reward already?

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