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Everything Alice (Excepting Sir John Tenniel)

Alice in Wonderland by Salvador Dali

Sir John Tenniel is the best known illustrator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. However, literally scads of artist have taken a crack at Lewis Carroll’s story and characters. And over at Hugo Strikes Back, they’ve got Alice Illustrations Other Than Tenniel, with those aforementioned scads.

I don’t know why the story of Alice appeals to me so much. Probably because it’s an absolute head trip happening with a practical young person in the middle of it trying to make sense of things enough to get to where she’s trying to go. Which is really a lot like life. Maybe that’s it. I also have a huge love of the work of Salvador Dali.

Now I find out, via this resource, that there’s an entire book of Alice accompanied by Dali art. Ho-ly crap. It’s a limited edition. That’s going on eBay for $7500. Now I must weep into my morning cola.

Found via I’m Learning to Share!

And BTW/FYI/YMMV, we did post a cinematic round-up of Alice stuff here.

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