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100-Year-Old Murder… SOLVED!


The corpse, riddled with mysterious holes, lay in a drawer in a museum; the nature of the injuries confused and puzzled–stymieing even the fine minds of London‘s greatest natural history museum. However, just as a documentary was being filmed, the incisive mind of forensic scientist Heather Bonney made a shocking discovery–the victim had been shot! Further, “her investigation identified entry and exit wounds, and X-rays revealed a shotgun pellet still inside the the body. ” (emphasis mine)

The victim, a Goliath beetle almost 4″ in length (the size of a songbird), was apparently shot while “on the wing.” Beetles in the scarab family are notoriously difficult to catch by insect collectors, due to their fine ability to perform extensive and complicated aerial maneuvers.

The name of the murderer is being withheld at this time, pending further investigation; ditto the name of the Goliath beetle in question, as he was almost certainly a minor. Remember, folks: there’s no statute of limitations for murder…even for beetles.

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