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Win Pet Pals: Animal Doctor for the Nintendo DS

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor for the Nintendo DS game cover art

Okay, so, parents. Let’s talk to you for just a moment here. How many times a day do you find yourself saying to your child, “No, Timmy, we cannot have a python in the house,” followed by “Because I said so,” (because let’s face it, do you really want to go into details on why it’s a bad idea?), then followed by, as an aside to your spouse, “I told you we shouldn’t have let him watch the Discovery Channel!”

But for those of you who want to give Timmy something to do–and you own a Nintendo DS–or maybe just for yourself to do, we’re not particular–we’ve got a copy of the game Pet Pals: Animal Doctor to give away. You get to deal with thirty medical cases created by real-life veterinarians. Perform tests, care for the animals, heal them. See how you do–and hey, the good news is if you screw up–it’s a virtual pet! Just hit reset (or the equivalent button).

This is out from Majesco. Want to win a copy for yourself? Because we’ve got one to give away. Enter to win already. The virtual terriers need you!

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