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Podcast Review: Escape Pod/Pseudopod

Escape Pod logo

Having a hard time finding good science fiction? Distressed when you go to the bookstore and find shelf after shelf of Star Trek and World of Warcraft novels? Need something to listen to at work so your brain doesn’t flatline? Then check out Escape Pod. Every week, Steve Eley and a revolving cast of narrators deliver some of the best in science fiction short fiction. The stories come from established masters like Robert Silverberg and Nancy Kress to new voices like Mur Laffery and David Barr Kirtley. So you can hear how a small town mishandles the miracle of nanotechnology or how someone can hire an escort for a romantic rendezvous in the client’s past. From the heights of space opera to the depths of cyberpunk and everything in between, this podcast will take you out of your mundane world for a little while.

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Pseudopod logo

Maybe your tastes run a little… darker. Monsters of the night and men with sharp knives is more your scene. You need to hear tales of death, madness, and fear. But you’ve already read all of Lovecraft and King and there’s no way you’re picking up the badly written supernatural porn of Laurel K. Hamilton. To fulfill your craving is Pseudopod. This podcast delivers a weekly short story designed to chill the blood and shock your sensibilities. Editors Ben Phillips and Alasdair Stuart find stories filled with hungry zombies and vampires, terrible entities from beyond reality, or the evil that man is quite capable of perpetrating on his own. So if you think your heart and your mind can take it, download an episode. As the editors say, they have a story for you and they promise it’s true.

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