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Win The 2008 Royal Rumble DVD!

2008 Royal Rumble DVD cover art

Okay, so…wrestling. Let me tell you what I know about wrestling. I was sitting in the hotel room at San Diego Comic-Con many, many moons ago. And flipping through the channels on television. Anytime I do this, it can be very dangerous, because I never watch television, so it’s damn near hypnotic. So I flipped over to wrestling. And was doubly hyp-mo-tized. There were huge men on the screen, with torsos the size of VW bugs screaming hoarsely at each other and beating on chairs and things. After several minutes of this, we spent the rest of the weekend screaming at each other in what we termed “WrestleSpeak.” It was really, really…dumb. But fun. So.

What were we talking about? Oh yes, Royal Rumble. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

At the “Royal Rumble,” 30 men enter the ring in an over-the-top-rope free-for-all for a chance at a title shot on the biggest stage of them all: WrestleMania® 24. In a match between current and former World Heavyweight Champions, Edge® attempts to defend his title against Rey Mysterio®, the master of the 619. Jeff Hardyâ„¢ battles to wrest the WWE title from current champion, Randy Orton®. United States Champion MVPâ„¢ seeks to secure his place in history by ending the career of the Nature Boyâ„¢, Ric Flair®, while Chris Jericho® looks to remove the thorn in his side known as JBLâ„¢. The 2008 Royal Rumble® also marks the return of former WWE Champion John Cena.

The Royal Rumble DVD will feature all of the event matches in their entirety as well as bonus matches, interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes clips.

So we’ve got the Needcoffee.comâ„¢ 2008 Royal Rumble® Contestâ„¢. Where you can enter to win, and myself®, Doc Ezraâ„¢, Siege®, Tuffley®® and Dindrane®™™®™ will draw a name from a hat–and that person wins! And that person becomes the property of Major League Baseballâ„¢. We’re kidding about that last part.

For more info you can check out WWE’s website here. Otherwise, get to entering!

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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