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The Price of Being a Wrestling Star? Your Nipples.

Wrestlemania Nipplegate

I know it’s hard to tell in that snippet of the picture there, but apparently the big WrestleMania banner in Orlando features alternate universe versions of wrestlers like John Cena, Triple H and Big Show…all sans nipples.

What happened, said a similarly uncomfortable city spokesman, Carson Chandler, was that city staffers asked the WWE and folks to create banners that weren’t too provocative. And somewhere along the way, the nipples were airbrushed out before the giant sign reached Orlando.

So guys, would you give up your nipples for a shot at superstardom and loads of coin? And the chance to look like a plastic doll with your shirt off? And the chance to speak in WrestleSpeakTM? I’m thinking your answer would be yes.

Reports that the wrestlers’ nipples were stolen by a certain cowled crimefighter have been declared merely a rumor.

Found via Defamer.

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