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Win Lil’ Bush on DVD!


Okay, normally I shy away from anything that even smells like something political. Because that’s not what we’re about here. Unless it’s just something so rampantly silly that we place it in our YGAW bucket and run with it. Because we can’t help ourselves when that happens.

And I can’t help myself with this. And you might ask: Widge, why? What makes this instance so different? Is it because it’s out from Comedy Central? No. Is it that we’re dealing with the modern day governmental equivalent of Muppet Babies? No. Is it because the commentary on the disc features Jerry Springer, Ralph Nader and Tucker Carlson? Impressive, but no.

No, it’s because that posting this contest gives me the opportunity to also post the greatest behind the scenes shot you will ever see.

Iggy Pop does vocal work for Lil

That’s right. Iggy Pop, recording his lines for the show. The man performs on stage shirtless. He records his vocals for animation shirtless. Iggy Goddamn Pop, ladies and gentlemen.

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