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Headsup: Holy Crap…Top Shelf on Serious Sale

Okay, folks. Front and center. Shows how far behind I am on my e-mail, but here’s the deal, straight from Chris Staros, Top Shelf’s head burrito:

For the next ten days — from Saturday, October 15th thru Tuesday, October 25th — Top Shelf is having a giant web sale. — Not only to celebrate all the big summer releases you may or may not have picked up already (Tricked, Box Office Poison, The King, Spiral-Bound, AEIOU, The Surrogates, Super F*ckers, & World War 3 Illustrated #36: NeoCons), but also to (honestly) raise the money to finish paying off all the printing bills and get the royalty checks out to the cartoonists. — When you visit the site, you’ll find over 80 (mostly new) graphic novels and comics on sale, with many marked down to just $5, $3, and even $1! All we ask is that you hit a $30 minimum on sale and/or non-sale items (before shipping). It’s a
great opportunity to load up on all those graphic novels you’ve wanted to try, but just never got around to picking up. Get ’em while supplies last!

There are a few big surprises on the list, so click here to see all the sale items on a single web page: click here.

I’ve looked at the list, and damn, there are some insane deals on here. If you have not already picked these books up, I will personally vouch for and urge you to order the following:

  • You can get last year’s Chazzie Award-winning Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore for $5.
  • Alan Moore’s Snakes & Ladders spoken word CD–$5.
  • Alex Robinson’s Box Office Poison for $5 off in softcover, $10 in hardcover and the follow-up, the Chazzie nominated BOP! for $2 off.
  • The Owly books which we’ve praised before are each $2 off.
  • Van Helsing’s Night Off (discussed previously here) is $3 off.

But there’s literally craploads more on the list. And remember: Xmas is around the corner, so stock up while you can, folks. Go and support Top Shelf. They’re good people.