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Chick-Fil-A’s Coffee Caramel Milkshake – Drink Review


As threatened, I went and snagged one of Chick-Fil-A’s coffee caramel milkshakes. All for the benefit of reviewing one and in the name of science, naturally.

And here’s the devastating news: they’re actually pretty damn good. So good that I’ve had to spend the latter part of last week fighting off the urge to go get another just to “double check” myself.

While I realize that these things might probably vary a bit from location to location, the one that I got had the coffee taste under the caramel. The caramel was the dominant flavor. And this worked. In fact, if you aren’t fans of the taste of coffee, I’d say try one of these because the coffee taste doesn’t yell out its presence. I kept trying to see if there was some weird aftertaste like you get with some sweet drinks, but there wasn’t. I thought it was consistent from end to end.

In fact, I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of, and it finally struck me: Bailey’s Shakes from Häagen-Dazs. I assume Häagen-Dazs still sells those–I won’t allow myself to walk back into that shop. For my own safety.

So the verdict is: yes, have some.


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