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Free Idea: Rockstar Energy Drink Ad Campaign

Rockstar Energy Drink logo

Okay, so sometimes I think of things that I can’t possibly use and nobody seems to know how I get paid for having thoughts like this, so here you go: free idea for whoever and I get this out of my head.

I started thinking about an ad campaign for Rockstar Energy Drink, distributed in some areas by Coca-Cola. A series of five 60-second internet commercials that either appear as video ads or you stick them on YouTube and try to get them viral. They tell an ongoing story about the P.S.I., the Party Scene Investigation squad. They are a group of stiff, very serious government agent types are constantly one step behind another group of party goers, who are having a good time acting up and living life to the fullest–fueled of course by Rockstar Energy Drinks of various flavors.

With the PSI’s involvement they’re treating the scene of each party like a crime scene. Using detectors to look for remnants of Rockstar, or empty cans, like a strange cross between Men in Black and CSI.

At the end of the series, it’s revealed that a well-known rock star (which in my head is Steve Tyler of Aerosmith–we’d have to have a Revolution X joke in there somewhere) is behind the PSI, trying to stop the party. Because after all, if anybody can party like a rock star, what’s the point in actually being a rock star?

First commercial follows and is not formatted properly as a script would be because WordPress works hell on tabs.


Scene reminiscent of any number of CSI-flavored TV shows. Hotel room is a refugee from the 70s, complete with the strange color scheme that that would entail.

People in SUITS, looking very straight-laced. Very uptight. They’re going over the room with a fine-toothed comb.

POV moves across the room as we see various SUITS dusting for prints, another is shining a flashlight under the bed, another is using a metal detector on the shag carpeting. As we pass into the two main SUITS who are about to start talking, one SUIT passes by with a geiger counter.

(leaning down)
So you think?

(wearing special goggles, that look like something out of Buck Rogers, already crouching on the floor)
I don’t think. I know. Look here.
(to another SUIT)
Lose the lights, please?


SUIT #1 slips on special goggles as well.

SUIT #1’s POV.

So what am I seeing?


Short flashback of the aformentioned party. One PARTY GOER, having a great time playing air guitar on the bed, splashes his ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK out of the top of the can.



A small stain on the carpet is revealed, glowing blue in their special goggles. It appears to have leaked from a tipped over Rock Star can under the bed.

SUIT #2.
You’re seeing the evidence we need. They partied in this very room.

SUIT #1.
(fishes the empty Rockstar can out from under the bed)
Partied… like they were Rock Stars.

Lights are back up.

(takes off goggles dramatically)
Exactly. And they must be stopped.

SUIT #1 crumbles the can in his fist. Also dramatically.


Party like a rock star. You can. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

I’d also want a tie-in PSI website where you could register and receive not only updates on potential Rockstar Party sightings in your area, but from time to time the site would get “hacked” by the partygoers.