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Even With a Million, Can Uwe Boll Truly Be Stopped?

Uwe Boll

SlashFilm reports that a petition to stop Uwe Boll from making films has gained considerable webplay after it was pointed out to Boll that 18,000 signatures had already been acquired. Boll, unimpressed, said it would take a million signatures to get him to stop.

For those that want to add to the growing tide (80,000+ as I write this), don’t let me stop you: Here it is.

However, is this really going to stop him? I mean, let’s face it, that petition is going to get a million signatures. There is somebody right now going through nursing homes with a laptop and getting people who wouldn’t know how to spell Uwe Boll to hit the “Click Here to Sign Petition” button. Outside grocery stores across the midwest there are troops of girl scouts who are setting up their tables with computers with wireless connections donated by the restaurant next door asking people to sign. Today I was in a grocery store and the self-checkout thing asked me if I would like cash back and, oh by the way, would you like to sign the petition to stop Uwe Boll? Hell, a Jehovah’s Witness came to my door and I said, “Are you here to talk to me about Jesus again?” And she said, “Not today, sir. I’d like to talk to you about Uwe Boll, and why he must be stopped.”

[ad#longpost]So the world is really getting behind this movement in a big way. But once the petition hits two and even three million signatures, do you really think he’ll stop? Will he honor his statement? Maybe if we all setup a Paypal auto-charge and everybody paid him a dollar a month. “Just for pennies a day, you too can stop Uwe Boll from making another film.” I think it would be great. We could have commercials with Sally Struthers standing in front of a row of DVDs. “Why let these films come into existence? It’s such a small micropayment, you’ll never miss it.”

Now that’s something to think about. Paying crap artists so they’ll just stop producing crap. I’m sure there’s some comic creators that we could pull together some funds for. Who’s with me?

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  • It’s a point, yes, but I figure of everybody in the movie industry, if there’s one person who knows how much he’s hated, it’s him. He revels in it. It’s publicity. So. :)

  • I gotta say, I went and saw In the Name of the King at the half price theatre. I haven’t laughed so hard in years.

  • evrwrldBB: I felt the same way about Battlefield Earth. I still maintain it was the funniest movie of 2000.

  • Those were him?! Oh, I’m totally signing this thing now. Getting the whole family together, too. Maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.