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How to Avoid a Skrull Mask at New York Comic-Con

I would love for somebody to come up to me at New York Comic-Con and offer me a Marvel Skrull mask so I could be part of the “Secret Implosion.”

I see the exchange going like this:

ME: “No, thanks. I’m not a Skrull.”

MARVEL STOOGE: “Ah, but who can you trust? ARE YOU SURE?”

ME: “Yes, I’m sure. Reed Richards checked me out and told me so. And in my reality he’s not a fucking idiot and would know.”

Feel free to use that or some variation if you need to.

Civil War: I'm With Anyone Who's Not Marvel


  • Red flag words from the quoted section in the article: “comic industry” Anytime an art form becomes an “industry”, you’re in for trouble. See also: MPAA, RIAA, ESA, LMNOP, WTF…

  • SS: It is fascinating, isn’t it? Some purveyors of art have so little business sense that they make dumb business decisions and then wonder why they are constantly without money and/or resources. And some purveyors of art have gone to the dark side and had business sense replace common sense and artistic sense so that they make decisions based purely on making money and thus any artistic merit dries up.

    Surely there has to be a way to have a happy medium so you can produce worthwhile art AND make worthwhile money.