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Well, the Governor of Jerusalem Pissed Off Somebody

A stone with Proto-Sinaitic script on it, which is apparently also Proto-Canaanite script. Convenient.
Proto-Sinaitic script, aka Proto-Canaanite script

In Jerusalem, a Canaanite temple has been discovered. This particular temple was carved into bedrock 3700 years ago. (Because back then, you couldn’t just rent a place inside a strip mall.) Inside the temple, archaeologists found a limestone slab that was created some 400 years later, which had a very lovely inscription in proto-sinaitic script.

One line says that the governor of Jerusalem is going to die. The other five lines basically repeat the same thing. That picture up top is not the actual inscription. And I’m not directly quoting an ancient curse on the site, translated into English or not, because I’ve seen Evil Dead. Suffice it to say: someone was well and truly pissed.

This is now the oldest inscription found in Jerusalem. Find the full story here.