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The Baking Soda Crop Was Especially Weak This Season…

Baking Soda Time Shrinkage

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Well, we’ve seen a lot of stuff over at the Consumerist where they’re tracking the grocery shrink ray effect on various products. But here’s a fun one: a time shrink ray. I thought something was odd when I picked up a new thing of baking soda for the fridge (on the right): “Change Every 30 Days”? I thought it used to be three months.

Sure enough, find an old box (on the left): “For Best Results, Change Every 3 Months.”

[ad#longpost]Also notice how the package on the left is Logo, Name of Product, For Best results, Description and then a place to write down the Change Date. The package on the right, however, is all about Change. Change Date comes first–and is huge. Then–in case you didn’t get the message with the “Change Every 30 Days,” they actually state “Write the date that is 30 Days from opening the box” beneath the place to write the date. THEN–in case you didn’t get the message, they’ve circled the 30th day of the calendar. THEN, because they think you came from some incredibly subpar genetic material and didn’t get the point, they say “Use a New Box Each Month for Fresher Tasting Food.” That’s right, the logo and the name are reduced to tiny tiny bits on a picture of the box that’s on the box itself.

In fact, before the box had the 3 Months message on that one side. This new box? Says “Change Every 30 Days” on every side but three. One is the bottom of the box that just has the UPC code. One is the side that has the description on it and one is the front of the box, which instead says “30 Days of Freshness in Every Box.” But–Arm & Hammer–you say on both versions of the box that the product is “pure Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.” Did you suddenly learn through testing that you product just isn’t as strong as you’ve said it was all this time? And we’ve been hanging out with fridges that stink for 60 days, blissfully ignorant of your product’s lack of potency? Or are you just bastards who think no one’s paying attention?

As you can see, we have decided to live on the edge and mark ours down as 90 Days out. I know some people like to take things cautiously but we’re rebels.

Update: But wait: there’s more! Arm & Hammer responded to our journalistic triumph–see their insane response (and our analysis) here.


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  • Touche. I will now find the nearest pointed object, and insert it into a previously un-perforated section of myself. Good day.

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  • Well, it’s nice to know my blunder will be forever preserved on needcoffee. Generations of viewers can look at this article, and know that somewhere in the world is a man called Blank Mage, and that he is not observant.

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  • That’s what we’re here for: posting stuff so you don’t have to. Now you can go spend that time working on the Unified Field Theory like I know you’ve been meaning too. Cheers.

  • They probably want to wash their hands of the responsibility of the Money Back Guarantee after the 30th day. From the 31st day, they could say ‘Sir, you need to frikkin change your box of soda’ Done.