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Stuff: B Moviepalooza in Indiana

B Movie Celebration 2008

  • B Movie Celebration is happening in Franklin, Indiana September 26th through the 28th. Tickets are $102 with the online service fee but as long as that covers the admission fee to the 50 or so movies that they’re screening and as long as they’re showing them on an honest to God cinema big screen, I’d go for it if I was closer to the place. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Night of the Living Dead (which I’ve never seen on the big screen even though I’ve seen it probably a hundred times), the George Pal War of the Worlds…crap, now I’m making myself want to go anyway. And hey, Din and Leigh? Plenty of movies with crab monsters and leeches. I’m just saying.
  • Amazingly, somebody thinks that Family Guy is funny enough to deal with a spinoff, and thus The Cleveland Show shows up next year. Apparently, the story is that Kevin Richardson, an African-American actor, is voicing the white redneck next door, while Mike Henry, the white actor, voices Cleveland, who is African-American. And that just on its own is funnier than the entirety of American Dad.
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  • Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible, telephone call for Dr. Horrible. But before he can sing online for Joss Whedon there’s some horrible business left for him to attend to. Whedon’s three act net musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion goes up act by act July 15th, July 17th and then July 19th. Then it gets taken down from the net two days later–or at least the official site, it’ll bounce around YouTube, let’s be honest. Then you can expect a DVD and a soundtrack and definitely comic book sequels. And you thought I was kidding last time. Whedon is a comic believer. Watch the official site for more info.
  • The aforementioned L.A. Confidential on Blu-Ray is available for pre-order now.

  • Lassie has come home. Winifred Knight Mewborn, daughter of the creator of Lassie, has gotten the rights back from Classic Media. I have no idea how to explain to you the legalese of what happened, you can read it here yourself if you’re so inclined, but suffice to say it’s happened. Classic Media–don’t be sad. You don’t need a name dog to spark a franchise–just look at Air Bud. There’s no one above the age of five, mentally or physically, who wants those films and yet they make money. So cheer up!
  • Meet Dave made only $5.3 million at the box office this weekend. Sadly, that still puts it ahead of Pluto Nash.
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