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Uwe Boll, Super Genius

Uwe Boll gives you the finger

Uwe Boll, publicity whore that he is, has called for (and received) a Pro-Boll petition and he wants a million people to sign it. This in counterpoint to the Stop Boll Petition we mentioned previously.

The only thing genius about Boll is that he’s got the entire internet scrambling around doing something involving his name. I wonder how well this will affect Postal ticket sales. Hell, I wonder if the Anti-Boll petition was his idea to begin with.

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  • Wait, Pro Boll? That’s like being pro-cancer. But I love his video here, because yeah, Transformers was in no way totally awesome. And where else will you see a scantily clad chick at an isolated island party grab a shotgun from nowhere, learn kung fu, and start killing zombies, culminating in a sword fight with a de-pinned Pinhead? Nowhere, that’s where.