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All Malls are Horrible; Monroeville’s More Than Others

Mall of Horror logo

Okay, so we can’t have an official Monopoly of the Living Dead. But apparently we can have a board game based in a mall where there are zombies to contend with. So it will have to suffice for the moment. (The humans are the ones who screw it up every time anyway.)

ALBOTAS points out some verbiage from the box:

In Mall Of Horror, each player takes control of three characters: a blonde, a bad boy and a brute, trapped in a mall invaded by hundreds of hungry zombies. There is only one way to survive: find a temporary safety in areas where the zombies aren’t yet, and forget about values such as solidarity and humanity. Better them than you!

Indeed. Looks like a hoot. And you know us: if it’s undead and bleeds, it leads. Normally we’d send you to Amazon to buy it, but we can’t in good conscience when the Funagain site ALBOTAS links to has it for $7 or so cheaper. The game is apparently from France and translated into English by the US subisidiary of ASMODEE Editions.

Thanks to PrcsMmnts for the headsup.