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Comics-Inspired Mixed Drinks


Comics Reporter apparently invited folks to “Name Five Characters From Comics That Should Have a Mixed Drink Named After Them; Provide A Recipe For One Of The Drinks.”

Prof. Gallaher’s list was here and he asked what his readers’ would be. I came up with ten. Recipes for every one. Because I couldn’t stop myself.

I don’t drink anymore. But I probably would have had every one of these during my college years. Ah, good times.

The Midnighter. Coffee, three espressos, kahlua. Serve moderately warm.

White Martian. Vodka, kahlua, white chocolate liqueur. With ice.

Granny Goodness. Fresh apple juice from sour Granny Smith apples. Vodka. Ice.

The Gleek. Blue curacao liqueur, vodka, 7-up. Ice. Always served with a bucket. Not in a bucket, just with a bucket. No explanation given or expected.

The Shmoo. Cream soda. Vodka. Put two chocolate covered espresso beans on top.

Firestorm aka The Ronnie Raymond. Cinnamon schnapps, vodka, splash of habanero. Add rum to top, ignite rum before serving.

The Dr. Stein. Cranberry juice, splash of lemon, vodka. Chilled shot glass. You shoot this after the Ronnie.

Fin Fang Foom. A party punch, served out of a bowl, comprised of club soda, lime green Kool-Aid, midori, 120 proof vodka and green sherbert.

The Siege Perilous. 120 proof vodka, Red Bull, absinthe, 150mg of caffeine (measured out very, very carefully). After enough of it, you wake up somewhere else on the globe with no knowledge of your past.

The Make Mine Marvel. Any drink that you’re told is really strong, but turns out to be non-alcoholic.

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