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Rogue: There Will Be Croc

Rogue Teaser Poster

There’s really no higher height to which a movie can aspire than to feature the death, mutilation, or death AND mutilation of packs of Yuppies. You know you’re with me on this. So just take a gander at the following movie poster, and you’ll be as awed and excited as I am about Dimension Films’ upcoming April 25th release of ROGUE. This film earns the industry’s real highest honor: the Dindrane-Leigh Seal of Approval for Gratuitous Human Deaths.

There will be blood. Oh yes. There will be blood.

Just look at that eye! (Click through to see it embiggened–the whole poster, not just the eye.) That eye wants to EAT YOU. I mean, for God’s sake people, what more could you really want?

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  • Hilarious!

    It’s also a reminder that summer is coming… along with many absurd, over-the-top movies like this. (Hey, at least the posters are entertaining, right?)