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Tom Waits Names His Favorite Albums

Tom Waits

Tom Waits, actor and musical genius, gave a list of his “cherished albums of all time” to The Guardian. It’s from 2005, but the list is brilliant and timeless. I don’t know how we missed this before.

Here’s a brief snippet: his opinion of #15, Bill HicksRant in E Minor.

Bill Hicks, blowtorch, excavator, truthsayer and brain specialist, like a reverend waving a gun around. Pay attention to Rant in E Minor, it is a major work, as important as Lenny Bruce’s. He will correct your vision. His life was cut short by cancer, though he did leave his tools here. Others will drive on the road he built. Long may his records rant even though he can’t.

Amen, Brother Tom. Read the whole list here. Found via Utility Fog.

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  • This right here? This is why I love you guys. I’m going to be listening to Tom Waits all damn day, now… And then I’m going to be looking for these albums…