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Win a Hellboy Character Key from Sideshow Collectibles!

Framed Hellboy character key

Character key? Is it a prop replica from one of the films? Or from the comic? No. It’s this what you can see in the pic there: a framed bit of character info/art from the animated Hellboy series of DVDs. Nice, yes? Yes. Would you like a more official description? Of course you would:

This Hellboy Character Key features an image of the animated form of everyone’s favorite demon-spawn, ‘floating’ over details about the character, including his unique color key reference, rough sketches of his signature revolver and his Right Hand of Doom, and his stats, all printed over the Hellboy logo. The Character Key artwork is reproduced on a clear acetate cel, which ‘floats’ above an illustrated backing board. This Key is a strictly limited edition, with the edition number printed on a metal plaque placed directly on the matte. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Limited edition. I knew we forgot something. So…we’ve got one set aside for us…or specifically, for one of you. Want to win it? Thought you might. To win, you have to enter. And two things for this particular contest:

1. This is a US-only contest. I know, I know. It’ll be okay, promise.
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That’s how this contest rolls. If you want to enter, you must roll the same way. And if you want to check out more Sideshow goodness, click the banner below.

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  • I’m a huge Sideshow Collectibles fan and would love to add this to the display. I thank you greatly for a shot at winning such a cool prize. :)