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Q: What’s Worse Than Zombies? A: Giant Zombies.

The Tall and the Dead from Strongarm Labs

Well, it’s no secret that we at Needcoffee love zombies. As a subgenre, I mean. We don’t love-love zombies, unless you mean tough love. With shotguns.

And we know that we’re currently riding a wave of zombie awareness. I mean, whenever George Romero puts out two Dead movies in the same freaking decade, you know times are good for the undead.

But it’s seldom we run across something so odd in regard to zombies that it gives us pause. Such is the case with Strongarm Labs. I ran into them at New York Comic-Con where they were touting their twisted wares. They have created The Tall and the Dead, where the dead rise up and then keep rising up. Until they’re freaking huge. And you thought rage zombies were a pain in the ass. Sweet Jebus.

They also have a great book called If You Have to Ask…, where extremely obvious questions and answers come together. Either yes or no should always be the answer for these questions. And if you know somebody who needs a book to cover them, then you better buy this one and give it to them, because they’re obviously not bright enough to buy it for themselves.

Check out more of their madness, buy their stuff and give them love at their website.