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Nespresso Design Winners Are Mostly Mental

Nespresso: Untitled

Nespresso recently announced the winners of the 2008 Design Contest. What were they designing? Single-serve coffee machines. And frankly, if you check out the full gallery at Gizmodo, you might ask yourself the same question: am I making espresso or playing live-action Myst?

Take the winner, “Untitled,” for example. My first thought was: “They put a coffee machine into a whiteboard? Do I write what I want on the board and it magically makes it?” That might actually be cool. There’s a video on the Nespresso site of the making of the entry, along with info on the contest, but it doesn’t show it actually working.

Hint: if you ask for a double shot and not a single, then Atrus is freed and your journey can continue.


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