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Winners and a Clarification About Region 2 Contests

The Chaos winners are Nancy Vroman of Illinois and Wes Fischer, also of Illinois.

Now, we have two Region 2 contests here. I actually sent a Region 2 prize to somebody here stateside who wrote me thinking we had made a mistake. No.

When you enter a contest that says REGION 2 in the title and the URL and then it says REGION 2 in the body of the contest and also PAL with links to definitions of both and says HEY, MAKE SURE you KNOW you are entering a contest for a REGION 2 prize and then you are surprised when the prize you get is REGION 2, then, with all due respect, you are an illiterate moron. Actually, that’s not true–if you did that and that’s all, you simply made a mistake. We all make mistakes. But then when you respond to my explanation with an insult, like it’s my fault you can’t read–THAT makes you an illiterate moron.

So please, people: you are smart, literate, creative people. I know you are. READ what the contest says, okay? I’m not trying to put one over on anybody. I explain in the body of the post what the prize is and I make sure to mention if you’re subscribing to anything by simply entering. If you ever read a contest and you are uncertain about what you’re entering for–or anything else for that matter–PING ME. Thanks.

So. Resident Evil winners. Normal flavored DVDs go to Simon Reid of Liverpool, England and Polly Richards of Tennessee. And the Blu-Ray flavored DVDs go to Kim Boldt of Denmark and Ron Hanway of Arizona.

We’ll keep creating contests and giving stuff away. You keep entering.