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Goblin Shark Attack!

Goblin Shark

We’ve talked about these sharks before but I’d never seen a video of their freaky sticky-outy jaws in action until now. And when used it doesn’t exactly make for a, you know, ferocious attack. I…well, look for yourself…

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I don’t know about you, but I quickly go from “GAH! WTF! AHHH!!! GIGER SHARK! GIGER SHARK!!!” to “Whoa, easy, easy there, buddy–you’re going to tear your head off your body. Calm down.”

It takes a really odd situation to make me more concerned about the biter than the bitee. Although it occurs to me that I don’t know what the narrator is saying and this could just be the oddest denture adhesives advert ever.

Found via Ectoplasmosis.

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  • Waaaaugh! I can see the movie already in production. Nice HR Giger reference, that was absolutely my first thought when the jaw extended!