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Cappuccino, Noir Style

Espresso from Intelligentsia Coffee

I was wondering whatever happened to the quest by The Department of the 4th Dimension for “the ultimate tastemakers.” Because really it translates into the ultimate coffeemakers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the previous two vids about espresso and syphon coffee and their proper creation.

But now they return to Intelligentsia Coffee for a look at how to make a proper and serious cappuccino. And it’s a look, for me anyway, as to why we pay baristas for this. Because I just don’t have the patience to worry about whether or not my milk is at the proper heat. Or what height I’m pouring it from. I’ve come to terms with my own laziness. However, I will say it’s awesome to see somebody else do it, especially somebody who has it down to a science, albeit a slightly mad one.

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  • I love coffee and my local baristas. The last time I went to Chicago I visited Intelligentsia at the suggestion of one of my favorite baristas and was disappointed in the service. The woman running the register was just so rude! The coffee, however, was excellent. They might have made up for her attitude completely if they hadn’t run out of iced tea that day…or just brewed more…