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Serious Coffee for Serious People

Espresso from Intelligentsia Coffee

What we have here is a series by The Department of the 4th Dimension. They are searching for “the ultimate tastemakers.” And, joy of joys, they are starting with coffee. Here we have two vids shot at Intelligentsia Coffee. Here’s their official website.

First vid addresses the proper creation of a shot of espresso, which while instructional in how to create one, it’s more an explanation of why some shots are good and others are well, shot. Second vid is a bit more fascinating, at least to me: the proper creation of coffee using the syphon method, which we first mentioned almost two years ago exactly. Then we called it “siphon,” but I expect the spelling-with-a-Y makes it seem more posh. Anyway, does anyone else get the feeling that siphon/syphon coffee brewing was created by somebody who wanted to grow up to be a mad scientist but ended up a barista instead? I still haven’t tried any siphon coffee–so it intrigues me.

(Also, people usually think I’m nuts for giving my coffee time to cool down before drinking it–Tattooed Mad Scientist Barista Guy agrees with me. So foo on all of you.)

Also also, these videos are helped by being, at least color-wise, the coffee fiend’s equivalent of Sin City.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found at Chris Glass via Simple Bits & Neatorama.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


  • I let my tea cool a down a bit as well. My tongue just can’t handle the heat. (So not a euphemism.)

    Sometimes, when really really looking forward to my tea I pour it from one cup into the next so it cools down to the perfect temperature faster.

    Also, this article makes me once again wonder if I should do a video on how to make proper tea.

  • That was fantastic. I’m not even a huge coffee fan, but that made me want to do a taste comparison between regular filter and syphon. As a scientist/obsessive geek, I’m fascinated by process, so thanks for sharing.

    I do really like a good cup of tea, so I’d welcome your video, Dom.