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A Hitch In The Raising Of A Evil Genius

Let me say this up front, this is not my fault.

Some of you may have seen clothing from Revobaby that celebrates the Proletaritot Movement. Revobaby outfits your little freedom fighter with revolutionary slogans so they can show solidarity with the movement. Well, there is more to this Proletaritot Movement than just cool t-shirts for your rugrat.

OK, you remember Joseph, the future Evil Genius. Well, he’s entered the Terrible Twos. I’m sure all you parents remember how your charming little bundle of joy turn into a creator of temper tantrums of epic proportions. Well, when young Evil Geniuses hit this stage in development, it’s a bit… different.

Again, I have to say, this was not my fault. I did not give Joseph a copy of Das Kapital. So you can not blame me that the junior Science Villain has become a Political Science Villain.

[ad#shortpost]Yes, Joseph has become the Che Guevara of the Proletaritot Movement. Some items from their manifesto (written in crayon naturally) is ending the oppressive practice of keeping breasts constantly covered, the tyrannical imposing of nap-time, and the wholesale rejection of Teletubbies and Boohbah as the opiate of the tiny masses as they are.

So Joseph is showing the baby mobs to use projectile vomit and full diapers to battle the riot police. Baby Einstein products have been denounced as tools of Bourgeoisie propaganda and have been throw in massive bonfires. There is also reports of of a general strike, no babies or toddlers will do anything cute or adorable until their terms are met.

I hope this is only a phase.

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