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Pimp My Mixer!

Pimp my Mixer!

Okay, full disclosure first: We don’t actually have a KitchenAid mixer here in the Technocave (nor in its attached compound). They are wonderous things, however, and I almost one to rush out and buy one because I’m inspired. Inspired to PIMP A MIXER!! makes artisan bread, and felt that the mixers they were using were just too ordinary and needed some pizazz. Thus, the flame mixer decals were born. You can buy their flame decals (and others, including roses, chili peppers, butterflies, and my favorite, one that makes your mixer look like a shark bomber from WWII) here. They also have a gallery of other pimped-out mixers, including Joel Cory’s shown above here.
If you want a nice cover for your pimped-out mixer, Revel Designs has what you need. They have a pattern for sale on their Etsy site to coordinate your kick-ass mixer with a kick-ass cover. All the better to reveal the wonders that lie beneath when your guests least expect it. Craft Apple made the lovely one you see here.

Craft Apple's KitchenAid Mixer Cover

Thanks to Cribcandy and Craftzine for the headsup about these projects.

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  • Why would you EVER cover something that awesome? Seriously, I’m giving my mom the belated mother’s day gift of a WWII KitchenAid. This is just the kind of twist on normalcy she’d love.