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Robert Zemeckis Directs New Smokey the Bear Commercials

CGI Smokey the Bear

Or at least that’s the only way I can figure out how Smokey the Bear has been brought back to unlife by scary godawful CG. Cartoon Brew pointed it out to us and we agree with them about Jason Kottke’s comment that he’s fighting fires in the Uncanny Valley. You remember the Uncanny Valley, right?

Anyway, it’s the even more ridiculous “Get Your Smokey On” tagline that makes us think that somebody’s joking with us here. Honestly, nobody got paid to come up with that for a tagline. Right?

Somebody just agree with me so I can cope, okay?



  • Absolutely Lame!! Not a proud moment for us USDA Forest Service employees either. I thought the public affairs folks in Washington hit an all time low with the last rapper Smokey catch phrase. “Smokey and da Boyz” How wrong I was….

  • I actually thought it was pretty good – haven’t seen Smokey the bear this way before and it’s a public service message so if you look at it in that category it actually stands out quite a bit.