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Discovered: The Left Bollock of Galactus

Model Earth

Look at the size of that thing. That, kiddies, is why they call it the Power Cosmic.

Kidding. It’s actually a ten-foot model planet Earth (weighing in at 26 tons), put in place by geophysicist Dan Lathrop to try and establish how planets get magnetic fields. He’s going to fill it with liquid metal and set it spinning to see if it creates such a field.

Lathrop’s first “planet” was the size of a desktop globe. The second one you could wrap your arms around. The newest one had to be ordered from a company in Ohio that makes heavy-duty items for industry, and the sphere barely fit through the door of the lab when it arrived.

The top speed it will reach is 80 miles an hour. Although since his lab appears to be on a university campus, they can probably legally only take it up to 15.