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This Just In: Sugary Drinks Can Make You Fat

Baskin Robbins Heath Shake

I’m a little alarmed that we’ve gotten so collectively dim that we have to have Men’s Health telling us that eating a Baskin Robbins Large 32oz. Heath Bar milkshake might be a leading cause of somebody getting rather large. As though this were news. The very words “Heath Bar milkshake” give you 60 calories, and since I’ve typed it twice so far, I’m well and truly fucked for this post.

(And I’m not sure who I’m saying is collectively dim–is it men due to the fact it’s in Men’s Health? Not certain.)

Anyway, they’ve put together a list of drinks that more than likely are contributing to your waistline if you’re drinking them. It’s a good idea to watch your sugar intake anyway. Notice I said watch as in be aware, not necessarily cut back on it–if you’re cool with what you’re drinking, then rock on. But if you’re concerned about being large–as I am–I’m sick of being “the Great Ebon Whale”–then sugary drinks might be a place to look. In addition to their Drink This Not That feature (which is rather helpful if you are aware that the drinks are too sugary and you want alternatives), I would suggest learning to drink your coffee black. I did. Also, if you’re more concerned about buzz than sugar, then caffeinated water is always a nice alternative. Or Foosh.

Found via The Consumerist.

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  • Ah, Dr. Pepper is a tight vise indeed, and I have no desire to be free of its grasp. Hey, least it’s not a milkshake. A delicious milkshake, located conveniently close for surprisingly little consid- damn it, why did I start?