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Watch “Finding Nemo” For Free

Screengrab... you can find the real thing <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">here</a>.

Dixar is offering up Finding Nemo, streaming free online through Friday. (You go there and click the “What’s on DXD” link to get it.) This as part of their summer Wonderful World of Disney routine. Monsters Inc. and Peter Pan will also be shown over the course of the summer, with some other Disney movies that are less interesting. Hollywood Reporter told us this–all except the editorial comments about the quality of the films picked. That’s all me.

I will say…this is interesting. I didn’t watch the whole film, but you’ve got one commercial before it starts, so that’s pretty tolerable. Plus the quality is really quite good, especially for streaming and free. The Reporter article states that the advertising isn’t quite figured out yet–which makes sense, since some sort of commercial for the Nemo DVD would seem to be a no-brainer. However, their oversight is our gain. While this is both cool and commendable, please note that the company’s karma will be set back to zero following the release of the Jungle Book 2: Special Edition DVD on June 17th.

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  • Because there are no other ways in which to obtain Finding Nemo for free on the internet, like installing U-torrent and doing a google search on “finding nemo torrent.” That’s impossible, the ramblings of dreamers and fools. Still, nice of Disney to jump on the bandwagon… *checks watch*…15 years later. Good one, Disney! Next stop: Cell phones!

    (Also, my brain still hurts from yesterday.)

  • BM: It’s very easy to criticize megacorporations. I should know, I do it all the time. But their ability to change their mental diagram of how business works normally happens in timescales that could be thought of as glacial. Now you take these megacorporations who have all the dexterity and agility of a pregnant apatosaur and you throw them into today’s world, where technology has just made them, in the space of a few years, in danger of being made irrelevant.

    I’m not throwing a pity party for Disney, I just almost feel sorry for them…..while I’m stabbing them with a titanium spork. But they’re love stabs.

  • Wait, Disney isn’t irrelevant yet? Oh, right, Pixar. My bad. Well, point taken. But I’m still wondering what audience they’re aiming for here. People who’d dig this would have to A: hear about it, B: not already own the Nemo DVD, C: have internet, and 4: give a damn. It’s a small audience.

  • Well, it’s got two people in the audience anyway, since you and I are here and have talked about it this much…

  • Sorry, just you. I don’t meet criteria B and 4. Oh God, B4! I’d managed to forget the lame Nemesis ending. Why didn’t I say “D”?! This all could have been avoided! (All right, I’ll stop wasting your time. [For now.])

  • Waste my time? Dude, you’re giving me page views. I wish every reader didn’t care as much about my posts and wasted my time as much as you do. :)